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Jul 21, 2013 · I've had the Shield in .40 now for just about a year and absolutely love it. Mainly because it's thinner than the Glock. I own 2 Glocks also (23 and 19 gen 4) and would carry a 27 if not for the thickness (IWB carry in a Croosbreed minituck for the Smith). The recoil on the Shield is a little snappy, but manageable, I enjoy shooting it.
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Mar 06, 2018 · Army. Could not rack my full size .45. (had to use edge of range table). Not as easy to control. Would like to see an Ez 9mm from Smith. I compared both the current guns (EZ and 2.0 Shield 9mm) and size wise they are equal in height and length. A 2.0 Shield EZ might have to grow in length a bit. I could take that. Don’t mind the safeties.
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The M&P9 Shield EZ is a compact, everyday-carry variation of Smith & Wesson’s popular M&P pistol line that is designed, first and foremost to be easy to use. Compact pistols chambered in 9mm are typically blowback operated, which requires a stiff recoil spring that is hard for shooters with limited hand strength to operate.
M&P 380 Shield EZ +1 Magazine Extension. You've asked and now we're answering. Introducing our newest +1 magazine extension for Shield EZ pistols. Made from carbon fiber reinforced nylon, this economical mag extension is no slouch in the engineering department, with the material being one and half times stronger than aluminum. Back on topic! The M&P 380 Shield EZ's features really lend the pistol to someone who isn't willing to spend the time drilling to be Jerry Miculek. Features • Easy to rack slide. • Crisp, light trigger with tactile and audible trigger reset. • Includes (2) Easy to Load 8-Round M&P380 Shield magazines. • Grip safety – grip pistol to fire. Smith & Wesson M&P 9 Shield EZ Details. In February 2018, S&W released the M&P380 Shield EZ pistol. This pistol was a genuine and serious attempt to help shooters who struggle with the challenge of running the slide. The only issue for some was the fact that it was chambered in .380.
Built for personal and home protection, the new M&P9 Shield EZ pistol is the latest addition to the M&P M2.0™ family and features an 8+1 round capacity and a 3.675” barrel. The M&P9 Shield EZ pistol ships with two 8 round magazines that feature a load assist tab for quick, easy loading, as well as a picatinny-style equipment rail to ... The M&P9 Shield EZ is being shipped and readily available. This handgun isn't similar to the original Shield as far as mechanics go, although there is a certain family resemblance. Instead, the 9mm EZ builds on the success of the .380 EZ. The new M&P9 EZ compared to a Shield .22. Comparisons to the .380 EZMCS Magazine Clips for the Smith and Wesson Shield 9mm/SW40 $ 14.95 Add to cart Free Worldwide shipping. On all orders above $39.95 Easy 30 days returns. 30 days ... Jan 16, 2020 · M&P9 Shield EZ Review – Features. The M&P9 Shield EZ has all the benefits from the Smith & Wesson 2.0 series of pistols. It features improved forward and rear slide serrations, a great trigger, phenomenal grip texturing as well as the Smith & Wesson Armornite coating.
Hey guys, I recently sold my M&P Shield for a Sig P238. I live in Miami and because of the weather I always dress light and comfortable. Found it a bit difficult to conceal the M&P Shield without having to literally buy looser fitting clothing. The P238 on the other hand just disappears on me... Fits the Smith & Wesson SHIELD™ .40, .45, and 9mm, and M&P Shield™ M2.0™ models (excludes M&P Shield™ 380EZ). The HD Night Sights were specifically created to address the needs of tactical shooters. The three dot green tritium night sight set’s front sight features a tall
Again, your personal preferences have a crucial role in your selection. Here I want to give a brief review of this new M&P M2.0 Shield in 9mm with my opinions. The standard Shield M2.0 9mm model #11808 (not reviewed here) is very similar, but comes with standard 3-dot sights, two magazines, and cost about $100 less. There is also a Shield M2.0 ...
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